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São Vicente




Como a água
que se liberta das ondas
escorregando entre
as pedras pretas
na beira ardente do mar,
também a dor,
o amargo
vai embora,
como se
alguém ou algo,
quisesse mostrar
que está na hora
de olhar além-mar,
de não ter medo
de ouvir só o som
do oceano,
dentro do espirito,
dentro das coisas,
dentro das almas sem sono. Continue reading “São Vicente”

The cliche New Year article

There would be no New Year without people making resolutions to lose weight or change their life around one way or another. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that around 8% of the people who make those resolutions actually stick to them and follow through. Why on Earth? Well, that’s simple. Again, like most of the articles I write, this one will most likely present little or no new information because we all know this. But as we’ve… I’ve talked about, there’s a vast canyon between knowing and doing. Continue reading “The cliche New Year article”