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Book Review: CIRCE by Madeline Miller (2018)

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Is the art of Greek antiquity still relevant today? Every piece of art, given a certain age, will eventually be evaluated by later societies and quite possibly be deemed „outdated“ and „irrelevant“. Questions such as this have been asked many times, and while the historic value of those pieces is undeniable, the standing of such art in society may falter. Madeline Miller, author of best-selling novel The Song of Achilles, has answered this question with a very loud Yes twice now. After her success with The Song of Achilles, she has written a second novel exploring a faction of Homers epics: Circe, which is bound to be just as successful as her first one.

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Shameless self-promotion for a higher cause

So, a few days ago, I was trying to take a good selfie and it ended up being 14 pictures of me, until I decided that I looked worse on every following photo and that got me thinking. How horrible it is that we try so very hard to try and look good on a picture that usually doesn’t even end up looking like us so that we deem it acceptable to post on social media. Why? Well, to impress other people who we believe are so much better because they too take 20 pictures and post that perfect one, also making others believe that they just are perfect like that. 

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Impressions of an English summer

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Spending your summer holidays in England might sound like a paradox or even the epitome of wasting precious free time for some, but is actually an excellent opportunity to experience the European island a little closer and escape the burning heat of summer in other countries. In 2018, every European country suffered from an unnaturally hot (for most) July and August, Britain was no exclusion, but in September, temperatures have dropped down to manageable levels so one can enjoy the sun without the fear of being burnt alive. For this holiday, we chose the southwest coast of England and spent twelve days traveling the coastal cities and sights in Cornwall and Devon before making our way back to Dover with a short stop in Hastings. Continue reading “Impressions of an English summer”