The Theory of Natural Selection

“In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.” is a saying by an American philosopher Eric Hoffer. I’ll admit, for a long time this was just a quote that sounds good to me because at first I haven’t given it much thought. Later I realized that it is a truth most often neglected in today’s society which has not made my life easier, but has made it better.

Charles Darwin developed the theory of natural selection which claims that species that evolve, survive. He might also have said that “the species that cries and bitches about how unfair that is, goes extinct”, though he probably didn’t. Today, the world is changing faster than ever before and that is why this is so crucial. The biggest difference between people and animal species is that the latter don’t evolve if they can’t evolve, whereas the former don’t evolve if they choose not to.

Look around. I’m sure you know people in your life that are absolutely outraged by the way the world is developing but they aren’t looking for solutions, but rather who to blame and keep saying how it should have been.

I attended a faculty that has a base culture of rebellion. Not the rebellion that would pioneer a breakthrough and change the world, but the kind that goes around telling others how to change the world. For a time, I was into that and even an ‘active’ part of it, but then I realised that that’s not how the world functions. Of course all great change demands a group effort, but the main difference is whether the change is forced or inspired into creation. A forced one never lasts long, but when a change is inspired, then there’s always someone that takes up the torch when it’s passed on.

If your parents, your boss, the government, your wife/husband did something that you don’t agree with and your best solution is “I’m going to make a lot of noise until they change it” then even if that would result in change, it will not be a lasting change, so up your game, take responsibility and do something to create that change. There are literally millions of people worldwide that would like for the world to change for them without being prepared to change themselves first so that the world could change because of them. I believe that’s enough reinforcements for that camp.

Now what does this have to do with the learners and evolving? The world’s greatest changes of today are always inspired by individuals, pioneers who saw that something needs to be done so they didn’t blow their horn, but went to work and started creating something that will bring that change into life (not make others do it).

Such world-changing individuals can be found among different races, religions, genders or any other traits or backgrounds because the fact remains that while the doers do, the talkers keep talking. So what will you do when confronted with a challenging change? Will you take to the streets with a sign that says “YOU be the change I want to see in the world” or will you re-evaluate, adapt, evolve and change, by which enabling others to follow by example?

The choice is always and forever ours.

With (self)love,

1 comment

  1. You have to learn from animals.
    They don’ t evolve negatively as the men do.
    They live in a world giving them some
    marvelous days

    "Mi piace"


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