A little less conversation, a little more action




Looking for success and achievement in the world we find it with people of a different background and different means. It is the same with failure. Now, I am the person who believes that the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is that the former tried just one more time, which means the true cause of failure is in almost all cases inaction or surrender. An article has been written on the victim mentality, but now we’ll go to the other character flaw (which in truth is probably caused by one form of victim mentality), the “not yet” particle.

This particle is often seen as obstructive perfectionism. Sounds smart and sciencey, right? It’s when a person is waiting for the ‘one’ last thing that he needs. The person is collecting something they believe they need in order to do something and move into action. There’s always just that one more thing they need to get or learn before they’re ‘good enough’ to do that thing. That’s like waiting to learn how to drive the car and be good at driving before actually ever taking a seat in it. It’s absurd! And in that case, the person would never actually get into the car and exactly like that, the people waiting to get good at something before doing it will never really do it unless they change that mindset. “I need more facts before I make up my mind” they say and an opportunity whooshes past them. “I need to get better at expressing my opinions before I can publish an article” and their article never sees the light of day. I know my articles aren’t perfect in syntax or semantics but do I publish them anyway? Of course! Do I learn something with every article I write? Of course! Learning is in the doing so we don’t have to be good to start, but we have to start to become good.

A few days ago I heard about a quote that goes “a person who doesn’t read, has absolutely no advantage over the person who cannot read”. Wow! it might sound silly but that one blew my mind! I’ve so often heard people say that they could do something really amazingly if they put their mind to it. Well, put your mind to it then! Nobody cares if you say you can do it. As long as you don’t actually do it, it’s the same as if you aren’t able to do it at all. And here again we come to that old cliche that actions speak louder than words. But how true it really is. We sometimes love to hear pretty words. The reason we tend to repeat old mistakes is because the words spoken sounded nice enough for us to believe but looking at it from a rational point of view, it’s the doing that makes results not the talking about the doing.

So a point to take from this? Well… you know that thing that you’ve been putting off for quite a while now? That thing you don’t think you can handle and don’t think you’re ready? Yup, that’s the one! Do it. Commit to doing it. Not tomorrow. Not next month or next year. But do one small step now that will set it into motion and put you under pressure. Remember, anything that is worth doing, is worth doing badly, until you get good at it. I don’t know about you, but when I’m old, I want to remember all the crazy sh*t i did, not all the crazy sh*t I could have done, if I just believed in myself a little more.

With (self)love,

Nejc Oblak

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